Missphit S/S 09 Apparel

Posted on: April 1, 2009

Ruffles Classique with White Trim Black


I love this shirt.  And tailored clothing with ruffles is the of the moment trend.

Night Cowl Mocha Tank

missphit-night-cowl-mocha-tankThis may not be a top for every woman, but I certainly think it’s an intriguing style.  I like the shiny material (70s anyone). Also available in turquoise.

Knit Coat Black


This coat has a classic style that can be worn anywhere.

Buffalo Ruffles Sleeveless Top Royal Blue

missphit-buffalo-ruffles-royal-blueAn interesting take on the plaid trend.  Ruffles make the pattern very femme.

Missphit prides itself on clothing that fits well and keeps with all the current trends.  They do not offer pant styles…only tops/blouses, coats and jackets.

Via: Missphit


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