Love!: Chelsey Brennan…The Full Figured Fashionista

Posted on: May 4, 2009

At fablove it is our duty to help you learn more about the models you love…

Get to know the gorgeous Chelsey Brennan in fablove’s 1st model interview.  Chelsey is a proud mother of two, a model, hairstylist, political activist and an all around fashionista.  She has been modeling since 2003 and is signed with Flaunt Models NYC.  Chelsey is also currently an artistic hairstylist in upstate New York and was trained at the Central Academy of Beauty Culture.  This full-figured beauty is a mix of French, German, black Irish (or Portuguese), Czechoslovakian, American Indian and Russian heritage.  She currently resides in Lower Hudson Valley, NY with her husband and 2 children: Cynthia (a beautiful budding designer) and adorable Bryce.


When did you decide to become a model?

One day I was browsing the web and I saw plus size models.  I think it was for an agency…I then decided I was going to take a trip to Manhattan.   A week later, [I did].   And I actually got signed that day.

Is there someone close to you who has motivated you to become a model?

No.   Not really, it was something I’d always wanted to do…which was impossible until the plus model movement was introduced.  I do have inspirations, years ago I was desperately awaiting every issue of Mode magazine with Kate Dillon, now the plus models are looking like a size 10 which is really disappointing.

So far, what has been the highlight of your career?

Representing another concept of beauty other then skinny.  I get to network with hundreds of people in the industry, attend events and causes, and most of all set an example.  Beauty is not a size, and not only a pretty face…it’s a voluptuous womanly figure. It’s what’s inside that’s radiated through confidence, and brings acceptance. I want to uplift all the plus size women to learn they are lovely and there are many people who admire us.

Why do you love modeling?

chelsey3I love the feeling I get at a shoot, dressing in all different styles.  It’s like being a different character for every look.  It’s a powerful form of self expression that the whole world can see and experience through the models photos.  I also like to set the example that not all models are self-centered and superficial.  If you want to be well rounded you need to have a balance, that’s why I am a plus model.  [And]I have my children, my political activism, my self progression, and my giving back in any way I can.

What is the most difficult part of modeling?

Being under constant scrutiny, even as a plus size model the trends are always changing.  5 yrs ago size 16/18 was in demand, now size 10/12 is considered most marketable.  That’s unrealistic and saddens me because it’s not a true representation of all the beautiful plus size women.  In order to progress we need to be accepting of the bigger plus models.  Another thing I’d like to mention, to my beautiful plus ladies…know that plus size models are classy, we don’t show our bodies in an untasteful manner.  BBW seems to be a term that people think professional plus models are, it’s not.  There’s nothing wrong with it, one can do as they wish if that’s what they wanna do.  In order for the plus model community to be respected by the straight size fashion world we must be seen in a respectable light.  You can be sexy…but keep it classy, research your photographers, look at what working plus models are doing, use that as your example.


You are an artistic hairstylist in upstate New York; is this another passion of yours?

Yes, I am an artist.  I love being in the “creative zone”.  I love working on a canvas whether it be choosing shape & texture for the client’s hair, or bringing someone’s facial features to life with beautiful color.

When did this become a passion?

When I was 12 yrs old…I was always the odd girl in school.  Very tall, womanly figure.  I was always dressing to suit my inner expression, had unusual haircuts, I got made fun of for being so different.  I was called “peacock ” because of my hair, lol…but now that’s a name I embrace.

What sets an artistic hairstylist apart from a regular hairstylist?chelsey10

Well…there are so many hairdressers “stylists” that have no passion in their work.  No inspiration, they just go thru the motions and cut hair like a factory…When you are an artist you have a “vision” and you create an art form. You as a stylist determine and create what will enhance the client’s features and confidence.

Tell us about your experience as a volunteer and supporter of Barack Obama during the elections?

Thank you, for asking…I am Barack Obama’s biggest supporter.  When I first saw him speak, I think it was the beginning of the primaries. I was so moved…I was mesmerized by this man’s, passionate, articulate, vision of where we need to progress as a nation…and really the entire world.  Barack Obama is so in touch with today’s generation.  He’s a committed family man and a true leader with a gift of words [that] can really touch people.  Most politicians are just that [politicians]…it’s all a chess game.   They’re stuck in the past and [are] all about stature and their own agendas.  Obama is a young visionary, an idealist, and I love that.

He has a beautiful gift of capturing your ear, he’s not afraid of being different.   He is brilliant, ambitious, and courageous.  That’s the kind of person I want to run my country…but there are many who are scared of “change” so they say there uninformed negative rhetoric : exampleàgovernment  spending & stimulus.  If they truly wanted to know what was going on they could go to BarackObama.com , www. serv.gov, or www.whitehouse.gov and follow everything that’s happening.   So much good has been done it’s incredible.  People need to see the transparency instead of spreading silly negativity.  So much has been done already…within months huge accomplishments were being made like signing a bill for equal pay for women, and having support systems for women and girls, but one man can change the whole government system.  There will always be an element of control, that’s why there’s a government.

Where were you, and what did you do during the inauguration?


I was at the Bardevon Opera House in Poughkeepsie, NY.  The rideshare I had set up to DC fell thru, they bailed so I was reaaally disappointed.  So, I drove as fast as I could that morning to the opera house to be engaged with all the “Obamalove” I could muster up, lol.  My mother Renee and daughter Cynthia were also part of the campaign for change.  Myself and my daughter Cynthia [participated] in New York and my mother Renee did amazing things for the campaign in Florida. [She] actually went to a rally where Obama and Hillary Clinton were there.  I listened to the speech on the phone.  My mom and I text during his speeches, and his addresses.  It’s way more than idealism.  It’s not about that.  He is one of the biggest inspirations in my life and has made me see how volunteering is the most rewarding experience.  If more people had passion and courage, and volunteered to help their community, the world would be a much better place.  When you put the positivity out there it comes back around to you.

What causes are most important to you right now, why?

My children’s happiness and spiritual growth, their education, my career and passions, and my political engagement.

Back to your career as a model…What is your attitude when you hit the runway or when you do a photo shoot?

chelsey11I am Confident, super excited, and very powerful.

Who is your favorite model (plus size, straight size or both)?

Cindy Crawford.  I admire many different models…Crystal Renn, Kate Dillon.

Who is your favorite plus size designer?

Svaboda, Igigi, Curvygirlclothing, and Monif C. are some of my faves.  It depends on my mood and what I want to express because clothes are like costumes, with so many styles and textures and colors.

Where do you think plus size fashion and modeling are headed?

Well I’m unsure…but I’m sure of this…we’re getting more and more mainstream but there’s a long, long way to go.  So many people that haven’t been exposed to the curvy community, supporters, and admirers, are in disbelief that this can be in existence.  That needs to change, I love me the way I am…and I am together active and beautiful, [I am] “not just a pretty face”…I get that often “oh you have such a”…lol.  That’s an insult to me, [although] I must share that the ethnic communities have always made me feel amazing, accepted and beautiful.  I have at least a brotha a day tell me I’m big and beautiful [and] don’t change a thing, and I carry that with pride.

Do you have any advice for aspiring models?

Yes, don’t just do it for the glamour of it, do it because you want to empower yourself and set an example to our judgmental society and media that we are very proud of our full figure body.

What inspires you?

People that follow their goals and exude PASSION, and COURAGE in their daily life.  People that stand up and stand out from the rest.

What question/s should I have asked that I didn’t?

That was a great interview, you asked great questions.  Thank you for your interest.

Finally…Do you love fablove?

Yes, I have been looking at the site…endless sources of information and current events for the plus sized community and movement.  It’s really an inside look at the plus modeling community world.  As well, I love the whole blogging thing; it’s a more personal look into people’s creative expression and people’s lives.  I love the site! I will let everyone know about it.

Chelsey Brennan’s Stats/Measurments: Dress Size: 22/24; Shoe Size: 9 ½; Height: 5’8; Bust: 42D; Eyes: Green

Thank you so much Chelsey for giving fablove a bit of your time and energy.  It has been an exciting experience working with you and I am very proud to have you as the first model interview.  Your insight and positive outlook on full-figured women is appreciated and respected.  Stay fierce, fabulous and gorgeous!

Well JB, all I have to say is bravo! I am so pleased with the result, you did an amazing interview I’m so proud of the finished product…because it’s all me, all facets of who I am.  And so many times I feel like people are seeing this cosmetic image, but I am a diverse person with many passions.  I want people to know the real me.  I don’t perpetrate.  I’m just Chelsey aka “The fullfiguredfashionista”.

I want to also give a message to my voluptuous curvy women, Stand proud, You are lovely, You can be amazing, Always  strive for your goals, Live out your dreams, and hold that head high for the whole world to see “Big is Beautiful”.

Peace .

Check out Chelsey Brennan on Model Mayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/427027,

her Venus DivaMarch 2008 cover: http://www.venusdivamag.com/Pages/plus-size-magazine.asp?year=2008&month=03

and her Venus Diva March 2008 interview: http://www.venusdivamag.com/Pages/plus-size-magazine-detail.asp?year=2008&month=03&article-id=704840310



27 Responses to "Love!: Chelsey Brennan…The Full Figured Fashionista"

your number one fan, your loyal fan,i luv me some you and am behind you a hundred percent mwahz

Thanks for gracing us with your presence mobb, are you a number one fan of Chelsey or of fablove?

I’m so happy for you Chelsey..You always put your self together and look amazing. You are smart talented and beautiful and I love you for that..I’m glade everything is going well for you. Good luck with everything.

OMG this is awesome Chels congrats! 🙂

I have watched your career blossom through hard work and determination. I see your commitment to your craft, your family and friends, your hair design work, and to our most recent call to action in the political arena. You are more beautiful to me than than ever. Great interview!

Always yours,

Jb ,i am chelsey’s number 1 fan, she just introduced me to the fablove, so i am still trying to figure out what is it all about.

That’s great, just wanted to clear that up…I am definitely going to tell Chelsey about all of the love she is getting for her interview.

Great interview. Your beauty transcends societal limitations. Stay true, pretty and passionate!

Great interview and beautiful pictures!! You go girl!!

awesom interview, always knew you had it in you.

Thank you, I miss you woman!You were always good to me..hugz

chels, great interview!!!! Your are beautiful, smart, creative, passionate at what you do, you are a great loving mom to your children, very stylish and classy.I’m proud of you!! But what other people don’t know that is not in that interview is what a dedicated,trust worthy , sweet and loyal friend you are also!!!You’re a strong inspirational woman and I love you! My friend!!

You never cease to inspire me Chelsey. You’re a strong, centered, beautiful, classy, powerful woman, and I’m constantly in awe of you. You’ve played a major role in setting a respectful example for models, and they desperately need that guidance now more than ever. I’m proud of you angel.

You are a beauty and an inspiration Chelsey. Loved this interview. Thank you fablove for this site.

No Prob Zenobia, thank you for reading the interview! I am very proud to have Chelsey on my site.

hey,chelsey great interview keep doing what your doing your on your way to BIG THINGS (smile) the big guy

Jb,I did promise to check out fablove and get to you, Now I must say not only am I chelsey’s fan ,I am now a fan of fablove as well.I ll definitely tell my friends about fablove.

Thank you Mobb! 🙂

Fabulous Article. Her pics were amazing as was the styling, Its all about the styling for me, as I also style, lol.

I covet that geometric printed dress can you find out where she snagged it.

Thanks much!!

Prissi Chic

Wow, I always knew you was tenacious and insightful…But now it’s time for the world to see that there is a brain behind the pretty face. Congratulations you always have my support behind you. Cheers!!!

This is great! You deserve it …. all your hard work paid off…..I remember when you first started! Congrats!

Thank you my sweets friends!!I loved sharing..dont forget to stay tuned for the buzz of full figured fashion week!

congratulations!that truely was a very splendid article.this alone tells me how multi-talented u’re.in-fact i admire ur energy,ur outstanding and lovely pics.U’re a Heaven sent blessing to ur adorable kids,and i’m sure they are very proud of u.b’coz u’re a numb1 mentor to them and the whole of America and beyond.More Grease to ur elbow Chelsey and may the Almighty help and guide u keep the good work.i’m proud of u and Fab love as well for their support!

Thank you Godson for stopping by!

What can I say that hasn’t been already said. U should be really, really proud of yourself. When u look back, u can say that you made it happen with your passion, dedication & fortitude. Not only are u beautiful but have a loving heart. Keep pushin

Chelsey, waw je vois que tu es tres belle, attirante et sa me plait vraiment. top de top

Chelsey girl what a life, u do with yor life most people dream about, so i say take em on en let them follow ,i freeken work alot so wen i do sit half a sleep on my laptop i get completely revived to see how some one can make a life for themselves en dont care about boo or baa….. u are the link between friends.

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