Maxi Dresses: 2009 Summer Wardrobe Staple

Posted on: May 6, 2009

Nordstrom: Calvin Klein Tie-Dye Maxi Dress


Nordstrom: Sweet Pea By Staci Frati Empire Maxi Dress


Nordstrom: Rachel Pally White Label One Shoulder Maxi Dress Hibscusnordstrom-rachel-pally-white-label-one-shoulder-maxi-dress-hibiscus

Nordstrom: Adriana Papell Silk Halter Maxi Dressnordstroms-adrianna-papell-silk-halter-maxi-dress

Old Navy Halter Maxi Dress Purpleold-navy-knotted-halter-maxi-dress-purple1

Alloy: Necessary Objects Maxi Dress Teal


Torrid Knit Double V-Neck Maxi Dress Black


Torrid Tiered Knit Maxi Dress Green Ivory and Black


Ashley Stewart Brushstroke Floral Maxi Dress Tiger Lily


These are some of the best maxi dresses out there.  I love this style, particularly for those days where I’m feeling a little more shy than usual.  Also because of the versatility of the style.  These dresses can be worn for a myriad of occasions and you won’t look out of place.  It’s one of the best summer styles in recent years.  You can find more maxi dresses at Macy’s, Target, Evans, and Anna Scholz.

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5 Responses to "Maxi Dresses: 2009 Summer Wardrobe Staple"

What up NJ!…I love the fabuliciousness of the site and those maxi dresses are the business. I want one in every color. Better yet, I’ll get a mulicolored one to cover all the bases. Love Ya!

Thanks for the compliments on the site Katona! And yes, make sure to get a few maxi dresses for the summer! 🙂

I’m in love with this dress!!!

yeah you are right, they are good items to have and its versatility is something that makes it really worth buying aside from its nice style and designs. thanks for posting them all, this is something worth recommending to my friends and other people who loves dresses.

Staple year. Cool, comfy and a tad sexy. especially for plus sized gals like myself. thank you! =)

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