Meet A Diva!: A. Nichelle Preston…Gospel Singer

Posted on: May 13, 2009

The “Meet A Diva Series” is new to fablove.  The Diva Series will highlight women from the Midwest and include all women from around the world…

Meet A. Nichelle Preston, a gospel singer and resident of Gary, Indiana, born and raised.  Ms. Preston is the Minster of Music and Director of Fine Arts at Christ Baptist Church in Gary, as well as the Executive Administrator of Young Saints (a youth gospel ensemble) of Charisma Music Group.

Very active in gospel music, she is an active member of SWV (Saints with a Vision) and EVANS, she is also a past member of Ricky Dillard’s New Generation Chorale.  She has been blessed with an incredible vocal talent; her beautiful voice is powerful yet moving.  Aside from her talent as a singer, she should be a make-up artist (always flawless) 🙂. Ms. Preston is currently working on her options as a solo artist.

Angie 1

How long have you been singing?

Ask my Mom and she will say since birth, but my first cognitive memory was at age 4, the song was entitled “I Have Decided To Follow Jesus”

Can you remember the first time you sang and people reacted positively?

I was in sixth grade and I sang at a PTA assembly.

Why do you enjoy singing?

Singing is like breathing to me, it lifts my spirit immediately. I hear music in everything.

Why is gospel music your chosen genre?Angie 6

Gospel music allows me to express my love for God, it is the perfect outlet. I do appreciate all music genres from Rock to Bach.

Was your first experience in a singing group difficult for you?

No, because from an early age I sang with my cousins so it’s like I was born into a ready made group.

Tell us about your experiences when you traveled to Europe with Ricky Dillard’s New Generation Chorale.

I will never forget my experiences in Europe. It showed me how large our world really is and how music can bridge cultural differences. There were nights that we would perform in front of audiences of non-English speaking people but as soon as we would start to sing, you would see them crying and praising God and they were so happy for that profound privilege.

Besides having the opportunity to sing, were you able to be a tourist?

Yes, our days were free unless we were traveling to another destination. Shopping in Europe is great!

How has becoming the Minister of Music at CBC changed your life?

My life has been changed tremendously. God has allowed me to accomplish a great deal in my life, but my assignment at CBC, I know has been ordained by God, He called and qualified me for such a time as this.

What artists are you looking forward to working with in the future?

Well, to be honest when I traveled with Ricky Dillard & the New Generation Chorale I was fortunate to work with most of today’s influential gospel artist. I am being produced by my friend and brother Pharis Evans Jr. who is an outstanding artist in his own right. He has written and for produced for Stevie Wonder, Yolanda Adams, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Kelly Price and numerous others, he also traveled with The Williams Brothers for many years. So working with Pharis put’s me in the company of some very distinguished artist.

I have to ask you…Are you really a mime?

Lol, absolutely not! That is just a part of my weird sense of humor, I love to laugh.

How did you acquire this skill?

What mime skill, no answer needed…lol

What other passions do you have besides singing?

My FIRST passion is my family, I adore them!

What would you consider the most joyous day of your life?

The first time I ever held my daughter (which was when she was three days old, because I was in intensive care).

Angie 5

What is the message behind the music you are working on?

It is personal worship, music that ministers to me.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years musically and in your ministry?

WOW! Prayerfully still Minister of Music at CBC and maybe working on my second CD.

What would you like to say to other plus size women out there who want to achieve their dreams?

Remember that the only person inhibiting you is YOU, let no one deter your destiny and BELIEVE, BELIEVE AND BELIEVE!

Last but certainly not least, just because they make it in our size it doesn’t mean we need to wear it 🙂.

Is there a place readers can go to hear your music?

When my music is ready I will have a MySpace music page but until then, I invite everyone to visit us at Christ Baptist Church to hear our choirs and be empowered as we are by our Dynamic Pastor, Rev. Dr. W. Maurice White Jr.

You have been blessed with an amazing gift and I hope more of the world gets a chance to see (or hear).  Keep up the great work and continue to be a blessing to others.  Thank you so much for being a part of the fabloveMeet a Diva” series.

I am not your cookie cutter mode of beauty that is the general American standard but Psalms 139:14 tells me that I am “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” and I have learned to live that scripture. Every inch of me has been designed by God and in the last two years I have learned to honor my body and take better care of my temple. I may never ever be a size 10 but I can be the healthiest size 28 I can be. I encourage you to love yourself as God loves you. Plus size sisters I want you to rise up and defeat any oppressor you may have, including YOURSELF.

Much Love…Angie

Angie 2

A. Nichelle’s Myspace

Face book info: Angela Nichelle Preston


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As always I loved the interview. What beautiful pictures. It is uplifting to know that she can hear music in everything. What a blessing! Z

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