Love!: Qristyl Frazier Designs

Posted on: May 26, 2009

Qristyl Frazier is a designer based in Brooklyn New York who specializes in clothes for curvy women.  When I first found out about Qristyl Frazier from the blog The Curvy Fashionista, the spelling of the name alone was reason enough to find out just what was being offered.  Needless to say, the clothing did not disappoint…

Sexy Jumper

qristyl frazier sexy jumper solids and printsAvailable in Solids and Prints…Finally a Jumpsuit that’s not all black!

Heavy Denim Short Sleeve Wrap Dress With Top Stitching

qristyl frazier heavy denim short sleeve wrap dress with top stitching

Limited Edition Simone Signature Top

qristyl frazier designs limited editon simone signaturetopThe more I look at this shirt, the more I love it.

Strapless Short Jumper

qristyl frazier strapless short jumper black

Ultra Long Dress

qristyl frazier ultra long dressAlso Available in solid colors.  Fabulous, I would love to see this on the runway.

Leather Denim Short Skirt

qristyl frazier leather denim short skirtI love deconstructed pieces like this, always good for a day when you wake up feeling good.

Qristyl Frazier is definitely uping the diva quotient with her line of goodies.  There’s more to see on her website.

Check out the Meet Qristyl section to see her extensive resume in the fashion industry.  Among others she has worked for Sean by Sean Combs and Victoria’s Secret.

Her pieces range from sizes 12-24, although in some cases her sizes vary by design.  Ex: the strapless short jumper is available sizes 12-18.  And when ordering be sure to look and see what pieces are offered in different colors, you maybe able to get that color you want, which is a definite plus for this summer.

Via: Qristyl Frazier Designs


4 Responses to "Love!: Qristyl Frazier Designs"

loving the denim dress!

Yes, that is one of my favorites from her line.

I have a strapless short jumper just like that but I need that belt…special delivery!…lol

LOL! I love that jumpsuit!

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