Meet A Diva!: Priscilla of Prissi Chic

Posted on: June 12, 2009

Priscilla, a 26 yr old stylist, entrepreneur and fellow blogger from Chicago, IL, is the owner and operator of Prissi Chic, the image consulting firm and online boutique. Her distinctive talent for styling and her love of business, (acquiring a BS in Business Administration-Management), have allowed Priscilla to create a truly unique fashion experience for plus size women.  Fighting against the all too common evil of insecurity, she has used her inner strength to become a business woman, a mentor, and a fabulous diva.  In this installment of the “Meet a Diva” Series she tells us about Prissi Chic, mentoring younger women, and the top 5 things a curvy gal should have in her closet.

prissi chic

I love the name and the spelling of Prissi Chic.  How did you come up with it?

A moniker of my name is Prissi. I wanted my company name to embody all things: fashion, fun and individuality, which is my personal definition of chic, so I combined the two to get Prissi Chic.

When and how did Prissi Chic come about?

I’ve always loved fashion but I also loved aspects of the business world. My time spent in retail management made me realize I could have the best of both worlds with my own business. It took a lot of praying, hard work, and perseverance to get to this point, but I’m here and there’s no turning back now.

When will the store be up and running?

The online store is up and running now. You can shop, browse pictures of my styling work, as well as book appointments and contact me with any questions you may have.

You blog at OnSugar…What would you like for your readers to gain from reading your blog?

My blog is called Fashion Loves Curves (www.fashionlovescurves.onsugar.com/). The blog is just an open line of communication expressing all things fashion, love, and curves, hence the name. I want my readers to embrace their curves and use fashion to be more expressive and creative in their lives.

What do you use as inspiration when styling your clients?

Inspiration comes from everything, movies, music, nature, partying, practically wherever my mind takes me. I try to incorporate elements of my client into a particular look. First and foremost I want them to be comfortable, but I also try to take them to places with style they wouldn’t have ended up on their own.

What are your favorite print publications, blogs or other forms of information that keep you up on current styles and trends?

As far as print I browse pretty much everything from newspapers to journals. I enjoy the usual suspects Vogue, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Essence, Ebony and I love CS-Modern Luxury always good for inspiration.

I also love the blogs and online magazines that are out. The Curvy Fashionista, Belle Noir, curvy life style, fatshonista, and of course fablove are a few my fave curvy reads, My list of favorites is full [of] sources way too many to list.

Since you’ve become a stylist, have you found any plus size brands that fit a wide range of body types? What are those brands?

I will say this, there is no one fit solution when it comes to plus shopping, every woman’s curves are different so the brands that work for an apple might not be adequate for a pear body type, but there are a lot of options, plus women need to experience for themselves (with my help of course).

Personally the brands I love are JAG Jeans, Johnny Was LA, Live A Little (find it on ebay), I adore Monif C, Svoboda, [and] Missphit, those are just my personal favs of the moment.

What would you consider the most important accessory for any woman to have on any day?

Without a shadow of a doubt I would say confidence. You can own any look if you possess the confidence to do so.

List the top 5 pieces a woman should have in her closet?

1. Proper undergarments- girdles, bra, panties—they are not all created equally

2. Little Black Dress – I suggest you go sleeveless or for a classic sheath for your 1st lbd, they allow limitless styling options

3. Well fitting jeans-I would suggest finding a designer pair that fits and flatters, the difference is worth the price, trust! (SVOBODA, JAG, David Kahn)

4. A layering piece- denim/khaki jacket, cashmere cardigan, stylish V neck sweater. This piece will give you many options as well as provide warmth on a cool day

5. Statement piece-Something that shows off your personality, a bright sweater, a statement piece of jewelry, a designer bag, a vintage dress, it doesn’t matter what it is as long as its totally you.

(My statement piece is 4 inch peep toe, platform, hunter green heels that transcend season and trend, instant hotness)

What is the difference between a stylist and an image consultant?  Can you tell us what you do as an image consultant?


  • An Image consultant works with a client usually at achieving a certain goal and projecting a new image; new job, recent weight loss, social status updates, etc.

  • A stylist usually works towards achieving a certain look for print, media, runway, etc.

I consider what I do at Prissi Chic to be a combination of both. I work with clients to determine where they are in terms of their personal appearance and where they should be depending on factors such as body type, style preference, comfort level etc. I present clients with options for how to best enhance their curves and achieve a certain look. I also like styling people for photo shoots and events because its lets me be creative and it’s really fun and expressive.

Styling: Prissi Chic; Photograpy: Visionkwest Photography

Styling: Prissi Chic; Photograpy: Visionkwest Photography

High fashion designers tend to snub women with curvy figures.  But someone has to dress the Queen Latifah’s and Mo’nique’s of the world.  Have you found any high fashion designers that cater to plus size women?

The funny thing is, if you have enough money, you can locate a designer who will dress you. They may not mass produce those items or even broadcast it for the masses to know, but they will take your money and provide you with clothing. Please believe when Oprah carried her weight she was not rocking Lane Bryant originals.

Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue carry many upper end designers for plus women. As a diva on a budget (I’m honest) I always check their clearance and sales, you’d be amazed at the designers you can get for “typical plus price points”. Also don’t be afraid to splurge for quality outside of sales, you can’t stay within your shopping zone when you want to expand into fashion, especially if you are seeking designer pieces.

Part of your ability to give back to your community is mentoring young girls.  What do you try to impart on the young ladies you mentor? Do you have a specific age group you like to focus on?  Why are they your target audience?

I look at mentoring as something you constantly give, whether it’s in daily/weekly involvement or in a onetime encounter with a person. I believe we all have gifts and talents to share with the world and one of mine is to encourage and show people that their dreams are real it’s just up to them to make it happen.

I got into mentoring from my niece. She is a curvy girl, and I noticed that she along with a few of her friends weren’t enjoying their teen years as a result of their curves. This saddened me b/c at one point I was that exact same girl. I talked to them and constantly stressed that they love themselves where they are now, b/c that’s what motivates one to strive for something better. I’m glad to say the girls I am involved with are more active in school and social settings as well as playing in their high school bands, sport teams and volunteer activities.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to impact someone’s life; I think it just takes a genuine desire to help.

Your “FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT” concept for success is really intriguing. Please tell us more about how women can use it to be successful in life.

For the longest time fear and insecurity kept me idle. I didn’t pursue my interests, I didn’t challenge myself personally, professionally, or physically, and I was too wrapped up in my own thoughts to live out my dreams. I was just the girl waiting for life to happen. One day I realized that until I got up and got out in the world nothing would ever happen, but at this time I was still afraid. So I started telling myself to fake it, and the more I faked it the more it became real. I faked confidence, faked the ability to interact with strangers, anything I was too scared or shy to do I faked it, and one day I realized that by faking it I was able to make those attributes a reality in my own life. I envisioned the person I wanted to be, and slowly I became the confident, outgoing, charismatic young diva you see today, lol.

How would you describe your personal style?

Urban chic, with lots of femininity and an eclectic vibe. A bit weird to sum it up.

Name a few of your favorite places to shop (online and physical stores).

Thrift stores, Nordstrom’s, H&M; online I do Missphit and b&lu; I also love Aldo for their shoes bags and belts.

When did you start cultivating your love of fashion;is there a particular piece that set those fashion flames ablaze?

It really started when I began to accept and appreciate my body, probably around 17 or so. I know I started late, but before then I was very tomboyish and afraid to accentuate my figure, although I did sew dresses for my dolls as a kid.

What would you tell a woman who wants to switch up her style (Reinvent herself) and doesn’t have money for a stylist or image consultant?

Find a piece of clothing, jewelry, shoes, something you already own that inspires you and build from there. Get some scissors, needles and thread and update a few pieces in your closet (particularly those you wouldn’t mind living without) and let your creativity or your bootlegging of someone else’s work take over. In the event you can’t sew, fake it until you make it, get some pins, fabric tape, whatever you can use to get that desired result.

What curvy celebrity would you love to style?  Which curvy celebrity do you feel is styled to perfection every time?

I would love to style Jennifer Hudson, I think she’s amazingly talented and gorgeous, but sometimes I’m not too sure where she is going with her look. I think Jasmine Sullivan is a curvy girl always on point, and Chrisette Michelle always looks nice.

Should we expect to see a clothing line from you?  What sense will the pieces in your line evoke?

Currently I’m researching a clothing line as well as contemplating design school or grad school, so I can’t put a date on it, but it is in the works. My line would push the envelope as far as what plus women want to wear. I also want women to be able to live in my clothes, in a fashionable yet approachable manner. I totally get that every curvy woman is unique; however I want to channel my creativity towards a line that fits us all in some aspect or another.

Since the self-esteem of women is an important topic for you, what would you like to tell your curvy sisters about this issue?

Fall in love with yourself and be genuine with other people and watch how things change. The sooner you learn to let go and just be despite your flaws, imperfections, you can progress towards living a more fulfilled life. Everyone on this earth has a purpose and if you are not in a good place within yourself you’re cheating the world and yourself.

Give us one reason we should love ourselves.

Because God doesn’t make mistakes and God created you!

Do you love fablove?

But of course!!!! What’s not to Love.

You are an inspiration to women who want to pursue their dreams and live their lives to the fullest.  Thank you for being a part of fablove and the “Meet a Diva” Series.  I hope all the best for you in your endeavors.

I thank you for taking the time to interview me. Check out my site at www.prissi-chic.com and stay on the lookout for more to come.

Also check out her blog @ fashionlovescurves.onsugar.com.

Read  the first “Meet a Diva” posting here.


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