Love!: True Diva Designs by Veronica L.

Posted on: June 19, 2009

Happy Friday Fabulistas! Here’s a new line I came across, Tru Diva Designs by Veronica Lipscomb. Enjoy :-)!

Passion Navy

true diva designs passion_full navy

Tina Orange

true diva designs tina_full orangeThe Designer, Veronica L.: She is working this stance.

Cotton Candy

true diva designs cottoncandy_full pink patternMonica H.: She’s done quite a bit of work.  Check out her Model Mayhem page and her Feb. ’09 Venus Diva Mag feature.


true diva designs prints_fullJeannie Ferguson: She’s also done a lot of work.  Check out her website.

Superstar Tan

true diva designs superstar_full tan

Tru Diva Designs is created by a truly talented woman.  In addition to being a designer, Veronica Lipscomb is also a stylist, plus size model and the winner of the Miss Full & Fabulous Pageant of 2007.   Visit her website to read more of her bio and and see more of her Tru Diva Designs.

Here is one video of 3 for the Art of Curves Fashion Show featuring Tru Diva Designs. See the rest of the videos here.

Via: Tru Diva Designs


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