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To many this is old news, but I have been wanting to post these pictures of Jennifer Hudson by Derek Blanks for a while.  Jennifer looks absolutely gorgeous. 



jennifer-hudson-derek-blanks-2The shoes! I’m dying!…Peep the photo in the TV set.


jennifer-hudson-derek-blanks-4She looks so young and pretty on this one.


jennifer-hudson-derek-blanks-5 Love-it!  The woman is not playing in this photo!




jennifer-hudson-derek-blanks-7I never really think about being a diva at funerals.  But I suppose sadness shouldn’t stop you from being fabulous.




Of course you can find Jennifer Hudson on her website jenniferhudsononline.com.

And you can see much more of Derek Blanks’ amazing work on dblanks.com. Blanks is a photographer from Mississippi and  has done much work with America’s Next Top Model. 

On his site you’ll be able to see work he’s done with many celebs like Brandy, Amerie, Angela Bassett, and David Banner (Who I almost didn’t recognize. He looks good.) amongst others.


Images via: Celeb Wohoo


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